Texas Tech University Courses


  • English 5309 Studies in Nineteenth Century British Literature /Victorian Science Fiction & Fantasy: Steampunk past and present (Fall 2017)
  • English 5380 Pirates, Thieves, and Villains: Publishing and Book Piracy in the nineteenth century (blackboard.ttu.edu)


  • English 4321 Studies in Literary Topics /Monsters, Robots, and Flying Machines: Late Nineteenth Century Science Fiction (Fall 2017)
  • English 3386 Literature and Science (Distance)
  • English 4313 Studies in Fiction:Mystery Genre—solving crime and social anxieties in the nineteenth century
  • English 3308  British Literature: Victorian Transformations
  • English 3308 British Literature: Victorian Literature and Society (Distance)
  • English 3382 Women Writers: Scandalous Scribbling Ladies-19th C Gothic and Sensation Literature
  • English 2307 Introduction to Fiction (Monster Within)


Previous Courses

University of Alberta

  • English 108: Introduction to Language and Literature (Nursing)
  • English 121: Literature in Historical Perspective
  • English 123: Literature in Global Perspective
  • English 124: Literary Analysis (ESL/EAL Bridging)
  • English 199: Essentials of Writing for Engineering Students
  • English 219: Textualities Narrative Theory and Poetics
  • English 299: Essay Writing for Education Students
  • English 388: Children’s Literature and Oral Traditions
  • English 301: Social and Cultural History of Genre (Mystery Genre)




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